Report not printing past first page, only in color mode.

Very strange problem here, just looking for out of the box ideas.

We recently upgraded RB to v19 (from 15).

We have a report that prints an Invoice, and then a series of images for that invoice, and then the next Invoice and so on.

The update has been working excellent for 3 months across dozens of customers.

We encountered a customer today who (after updating) is able to print to their Sharp MX-4111N in black and white. But when they select to print in Color, only the first page (first Invoice) prints.

They are able to print to their Lexmark (in color) printer and direct to PDF. Like I said this is such a strange problem and points heavily to a problem in the Sharp MX series printer, but I was wondering if there might be a setting in RB that's tripping up the printer.


  • Please disregard. They updated printer drivers and it looks to be working.
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    Spoke too soon. It now seems with updated drivers, the opposite problem is happening. Color works great, but B&W only prints the first page.

    Here's what we learned. If they install the printer drivers, and set the Windows Default Printer Preferences to color, it works. But B&W fails in the same fashion.

    Vice-versa for B&W. Their 'solution' so far is to just install 2 printer drivers, each with a different color preference. It's incredibly clear that this isn't an RB issue, but if you can point to any properties we might be able to toggle, it'd be appreciated.
  • Hi Dusten,

    We do not have much experience with this printer. ReportBuilder does not interact with any specific printer directly. It makes generic Windows API calls which are then interpreted by the printer driver.

    One option to try is to export the report to PDF and try printing the PDF file. Other than that, try looking at all the driver options to see if there is a specific setting that is causing this behavior. This may take some trial and error. A printer this advanced likely contains numerous special features that can potentially cause problems.
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    Nico Cizik
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  • Ok, will do. And just FYI printing to PDF and then from PDF to printer works fine. So strange.
  • In case anyone else gets this. The ParentPrinterSetup was set to False on the SubReport that contained the images. Setting it to True fixed the problem.
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