DetailBeforeGenerate Invalid pointer operation

Hello I am migrating my system from Delphi 7 to delphi Rio and have been using the report builder trial for the latest version 20 for now and when exporting a report to pdf this is giving an error that I don't know what it would be if any can help me I appreciate it . The error is as follows: DetailBeforeGenerate
Invalid pointer operation


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    This is not a known issue with RB 20. Are you implementing the DetailBeforeGenerate event? If so, try commenting out that code and see if the error is resolved.

    If you are able to recreate the issue with a simple example (using only RB and Delphi components), send it to in .zip format and we'll take a look.

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    Nico Cizik
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  • Hello it is a calculation, done that if you comment not of the error, it follows an excerpt from the code:
    Linha_Barras := Boleto['COD_BANCO']+'9'+ FatorValor + CampoLivre;
    DV11 := Modulo11(Linha_Barras,9,'');
    Linha_Digitavel := Copy(Linha_Barras,1,4);
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + Copy(CampoLivre,1,5);
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + Modulo10(Linha_Digitavel) + ' ';
    Tx := Copy(CampoLivre,6,10);
    Tx := Tx + Modulo10(Tx) + ' ';
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + Tx;
    Tx := Copy(CampoLivre,16,10);
    Tx := Tx + Modulo10(Tx) + ' ';
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + Tx;
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + DV11+ ' ';
    Linha_Digitavel := Linha_Digitavel + FatorValor;
    NumBoleto.Left := 76;
    the stranger that in the older version of RB there is no error but the error occurs only when exporting to pdf, when it is generated on the screen it does not present the error
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