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My customer wants a document, where after the last record (the summary) a region is seen that is aligned at the bottom of the page. In that region is space for a signature, and some (variable) tekst (many lines)

(For completeness : the report is a subreport in a dynamic detailband, because after this (sub)report, another is printed )

for example:

page 1 : header - welkom tekst -detail band - footer ( without region for signature)
page 2..4 : header - details bands - footer (without region for signature)
page 5 : header - details band (for example only 1 record) - footer with region for tekst and signature

So page five has a 'big' footer, and it shoul be on the bottom of the page.

Is this possible?

My problem is:
- putting it on the footer-band, setting visible to true on the last page, the region occupies the (non vivible) space on the first pages,
- the footer cannot be dynamic, so I have te make it as big as the biggest tekst that will appear

any help is much appreciated !

kind regards,
Dirk Janssens.


  • Hi Dirk,

    Try using the summary band with AlignToBottom set to True. This should give you the effect you are after.

    Another option you might try is using a Page Layer with its PageSetting set to psLastPage. This will print behind the report so you will need to be sure it fits.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank you Nico , very helpful.
    Just wondering : using the "page layer solution":
    How can I prevent that the detail-band prints over het 'signature' in the case the last page has a lot of detail-bands filling the page ?
  • Hi Dirk,

    Unfortunately, using this method, there is no way to prevent the detail band from printing over the page layer. By definition, a page layer will print "behind" all main report components.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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