TeeChart not found. Delphi 10.4 and RB PROF 20.03

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I want to install RB 20.03 for Delphi 10.4, I get the message during installation "Teechart not found". What to do? Of course I tried reinstalling. Without installing the Teechart option it works fine.



  • Hi Emile,

    The error you are getting implies the RB/TeeChart design-time packages are either not loaded or have not been installed.

    First be sure you have TeeChart installed for the version of Delphi you are using.

    Next, from Delphi, select Component | Install Packages… from the main menu. Then search the list of installed packages for the “ReportBuilder TeeChart Components” entry and be sure it is checked. If it is not present or gives an error when checking, see the following article on how to manually install RB/TeeChart support.


    If you receive an error while running the RBTeePackageBuilder, please send the resulting BuildTeeLog.txt file to support@ and I will be able to find out what it happening.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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