Printing report taking time due to sp_catalogs_rowset2

Hello there,
I am using RB 19.01 build 133, Delphi 10.1, UniDAC 8.1.2 and MS-SQL Server Express Edition 2017.

For every Datapipeline built in Data tab, "exec [sys].sp_catalogs_rowset2" is called per Datapipeline and it is taking around 2 seconds per call. For example if we have 6 Datapipelines, it is taking around 12 secs in total. One more thing we observed is it this "exec [sys].sp_catalogs_rowset2" is being called more than 6 times which is also strange.
The actual query related to those pipelines is taking at most 1 second hence I can say that it report generation is faster but only "exec [sys].sp_catalogs_rowset2" taking time.

Please note, this is not happening when we open Report designer but only when we Print/Preview the report.



  • Can you please suggest as to why is it happening? I have used SQL Profiler to check the commands that is being sent to MS-SQL Server.
  • Hi Ajay,

    We only have resources to provide tech support to Delphi developers with an active RB license. Your license has expired. I recommend purchasing an upgrade and going forward participating in the RB subscription.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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