Calibri Light font + bold weight in Berlin and Rio seems to causes problems


Delphi 10.1 Berlin + RB 17.02 Build 149 - Also happens in 10.3 Rio + RB 20.02 Build 67
I am having problems using the "Calibri Light" font in a few reports that we have created over time.
Please find screenshots and

The first screenshot shows a preview of the report in the application where as the second shows the end result on printing via the default MS PDF printer.

As you can see, the preview overflows where as the print does not. It is also worth noting that if you print the report on paper, it will yet be different than the MS PDF Printer (by a few pixels, but still. Link:

The main problem here is that this seems to be the only font showing this behaviour and it is certainly the only one where this behaviour is glaring enough that it is noticeable.

There are a few things that carachterise this behaviour as a bug:
1) If you use a large enough text the problem disappears
2) If you don't use a bold font weight the problem disappears almost completely at any text length
3) Other fonts don't seem to have a problem

Can you please advise what the best way to address this is?

Thank you!


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