Export to file (xls)


When I want to use Export to file (xls format), I must configure "Print to File Setup" for all the report.
But, is there an option to do this globally, without reconfiguring each report?


  • Hi Arnaud,

    XlsxData/XlsData by default export only detail band elements. You can use Report.XlsSettings.DefaultBands to specify which band types to includes in the export. If you are loading report templates, you can use Report.Template.OnLoadEnd to configure existing reports and Report.Template.OnNew event for new reports. You can also set Report.XlsSettings.IncludeSinglePageHeader, IncludeSingleFooter booleans as needed. For more details check out the RBuilder Help topic for TppXlsSettings and its properties.

    XlsxReport/XlsReport do not require the above properties.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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