Stopping disk access

Hi guys
We allow our users to run report customisations so they have access to the designer. This is great, however we have our application hosted on a multi-tenant environment.
So to stop people being able to browse the hard disk and come across other peoples data we have removed the open/save etc items from the toolbars and menus.
However one thing we are struggling with is with the use of images. Some of our reports have images on, so the user can right click that and choose another from disk - which isn't desirable as that then opens up the whole disk.
Is there a way to globally disable file open/save so that the user cannot access the disk through the report designer?
Many thanks for your help guys


  • Hi Tom,

    I sent you simple example that shows how to

    - create a custom ImagePopupMenu menu descendant that hides the Picture item

    - hide Picture property from the object inspector

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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