Please make cloud support optional

After upgrading to ReportBuilder 20, my application suddenly needs to deploy a whole bunch of new runtime packages because of the new cloud support. These are: vclie, vcledge, bindengine, bindcomp, VCLRESTComponents and RESTComponents.

Frankly I see no need for the cloud support and would like to avoid the overhead in deploying all these extra packages.

Since the cloud support is only available from Delphi Seattle onwards it is IFDEFed in the source code anyway.

Could you please consider using a separate compiler define instead of the generic Delphi23? If it's defined in ppIfDef.pas, I could modify just that single file to disable cloud support.

I already did this myself and found no problems so far - but it would be very tedious to make these modifications manually whenever I'll upgrade in the future.

Thanks for considering this.



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