StoredProcedures and AutoSearch

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Hi all,

Is there any way to utilize a selection SQL statement for a stored
procedure and display AutoSearch parameters for the stored procedure

In other words, can we use manual SQL to select a stored procedure (i.e.
"Select * from SP_GetAllSales(:Begin_Date,:End_Date)") using SQL
parameters and tie those SQL parameters to report parameters/autosearch?

This would open up a lot of options for us, as well as greatly speed up
some of our larger reports.

If we could not accomplish this directly, would there be an indirect way
of doing this such as "manually" setting the SQL text from a report
event via a RAP pass through function (i.e. "Select * from
SP_GetAllSales('9/1/10,9/30/10',:End_Date)"). We would need to be able
to do this and leave existing parameter-based data view links to the
dataview being manually set intact.

Branden Johnson

Branden Johnson
Integrity Software Design
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