Conditional Group Footer Band

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When printing a report (in this case an invoice) I want to set a condition
that if the report has an odd number of pages then a Group Footer Band
prints on a new page (the very last page of the report). If the total
number of pages in the report is even it does not print. My objective is to
use the last (blank) page for marketing information on invoices that don't
use the back of the last page. Thanks for suggestions.


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    Hi Marc,

    I'm a bit unclear about the use of the Group Footer for final
    information. Is there only a single group in the report? If not, then
    would like to print the group footer on a new page for every group if
    pages are even, and not at all if odd?

    You might consider using the Summary band with NewPage set to True.
    This will always print at the end of the report and you can detect the
    current page number before the band prints to manipulate its visibility.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks for suggestions. I'll try the summary band idea.

    I'm open to any suggestion about how to print static marketing material on
    the last page of an invoice. The summary band might work. I'll take a

    Thank you.

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