15.03 Issue with the In List Selection

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I am having a problem with reports where the Select From List has been cut
down to just one item.

The report works fine in 12.01.

In 15.03 if I reduce the number of values being selected to 2 the report

If I reduce the number of values being selected to 1 the report returns 'No

If I open the report in design and set the required selections in the Search
Option the report returns the expected number of records.

I have tested this with other lists and cannot reproduce this behaviour.

I have sent a separate email with screen shots to illustrate the issue and a
saved copy of the .rtm file.

We did notice that some values had "" around the text but we have tried with
and without the "" with no success.

Can you please advise

Best Wishes

Philip L Jackson


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    I have loaded up the report .rtm which was emailed with the screen shots and
    the behaviour can be replicated on other data.



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