using a Look ahead variable in a group total calc

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RB 14.03 with Delphi XE2

Using the end user reporting solution, I have placed a DBCalc (Sum) with
look ahead and no reset group on the report title band. This prints the
grand total i'm summing correctly. I am trying to calculate a percentage in
each group footer using a group footer variable / DBCalc.Value * 100.00. No
matter what I try, it always calcs based on the progressive total of the
DBCalc NOT at the grand total level which is printed on the report title. I
have tried testing to fire the calc on report 2nd pass, i've tried changing
it to an onprint event after 2nd pass. I can put the DBCalc in the footer
band & it will actually print the grand total value, but it will still calc
the % using the progressive figure at that point !

I just want to show a % that the group total represents of a grand total -
surely this can't be that hard ?

Note again - this is using the end user reporting solution only.



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