Print Preview Access Violation in End User report running from Report Explorer

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Working with Delphi 2007, ReportBuilder 14.08 enterprise, IBojects 4..9.14.

I just upgraded my ReportBuilder from 12.03 to 14.08. With version 12.03
everything worked well.

Now, with 14.08, I get access violation errors when doing a preview of
any end-user report in the report explorer.

The reports print successfully to the printer.
I can preview the report when I am in the Report Designer and click on
the preview tab.

But, as stated, after I save the report definition and then choose
report preview from the Report Explorer I get the Access Violation error.

Can you help diagnose the problem or help me understand how to
troubleshoot the problem.

Phil Horst


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    Hi Phil,

    RB 14 introduces a new scrollable page preview, which generates pages in
    a background thread. This can cause threading issues in some cases,
    particularly if visual controls are connected to the same datasets as
    reports. Removing these dependencies or calling DisableControls is an
    option to work with the feature.

    You can set Report.PreviewFormSettings.SinglePageOnly to True to use the
    old single page preview. If you are loading templates from a .rtm files
    or a database, use the Report.Template.OnLoadEnd event to set this

    If you are using a separate TppViewer object, it has a SinglePageOnly

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    On 3/12/2013 12:20 PM, Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:
    I made appropriate adjustments per your description and it resolved the
    issue. Thanks!

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