Session Class not Found - DBExpessSession

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Delphi XE3 RB 14 Firebird

I am using the Interbase DBExpress Demo.
Successfully ran the create...sql
Follow instructions in the Readme.

All fine until I get to 5 of Configure Datadictionary
i.e dbl click component

Error message "Session Class not Found - DBExpessSession"

Do I need to compile a dpk for this ? If so please advise name.



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    Hi Mike,

    The RB/DBExpress design-time package should be installed when you
    install ReportBuilder. It is possible there was an issue with this on
    your machine.

    Inside your Delphi IDE, select Component | Install Packages... and look
    for the "ReportBuilder Data Access for dbExpress" entry. If it is
    present, make sure it is checked. If it is missing, try to add it
    manually by adding the ...\RAD
    Studio\10.0\RBuilder\Lib\Win32\dclRBDBE1417.bpl package.

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    This action corrected the problem. Thanks
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