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Problem with columns and A3 paper

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RB 14.06 Server, Delphi 2009.

We have a bit of an odd problem with reports designed on A3 paper,
landscape and over 2 columns:

We set up a report to print over 2 columns. The data prints over two and
a half of those columns and then the plan is to have an image on the
fourth column so that, when folded, it becomes the front cover of a
small booklet. However, we can't seem to force the image onto the last
column. We have tried all three types of subreport in order to force the
fourth column and what happens is either the image remains on the third
column or the report generation simply hangs on the last page of however
many pages there are.

Any suggestions as to how we can achieve what we're trying to do?


Steve Branley


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    Hi Steve,

    In a columnar report, you can use the PageBreak component to break to
    the next column, rather than the next page in the detail band.

    For instance, I assume your main report has 4 columns with two
    ShiftRelative child subreports in the detail band. Add a PageBreak
    between the two subreports and have it shift relative to the first one.
    Then set the second subreport to shift relative to the PageBreak

    In my testing this gave the exact effect you are after.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Sorry to return to this one so much later on, but I cannot get a
    pagebreak to break to a new column.

    In this case I'm not using any subreports, but I have two columns on
    landscape A3 paper and I have some groups set up. I want to break to a
    new column on the group footer, but putting a page break in does
    literally nothing. If I put it in the detail band it breaks, but only to
    a new page, not to a new column, and I don't want it in the detail band

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Steve,

    If you are using groups, you could try setting the Group.NewColumn
    property to True. This can also be set from the Groups Dialog by
    checking the "Start New Column" box.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    No, sorry. I think this is fundamentally broken in RB 14.08. I have a
    test app that demonstrates the problem quite nicely. It finishes
    printing the details bands, ignores the page break entirely and then
    goes over and over the data because it (presumably) can't decide where
    to draw the rest of the report.

    In my test app I've put a datagrid on my main form and you can see the
    record cursor going mental around the last couple of records as report
    builder can't finish generating the report.

    Let me know where to send it.



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    Hi Steve,

    Did you try the Group.NewColumn property? Using this you should not
    need to use a PageBreak component at all.

    You can send example in .zip format to

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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