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I have created two calculated fields: Date(Today(*)-2) and
Date(DateTimeOccurred). I would like to use them in the SEARCH
Date(DateTimeOccurred) = Date(Today(*)-2; but if I type the expression
Date(Today(*)-2) I get Invalid SQL statement. Doesn't appear that I can
use the calculated field either. It gives the same result. Any ideas?

Thank you
v12.03 Build 348

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    Hi Greg,

    It is not possible to compare two calculated fields as a search
    condition, but it is possible to compare a calculated field to an
    expression. For instance, you could add the calculated field :
    Date(DateTimeOccured) then add that field as a search condition and have
    the "Date(Today(*) - 2" as the value (assuming your DB supports this

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
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