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I have two questions about the UserName. If I use in the Script a
pipeline like


is the PipelineName since Version RB14 not the Name of the Pipeline but
the UserName? In some cases the UserName and the Name of a Pipeline
component is in our application different. In some script we are using
the Name of the Pipeline. Now we get at runtime sometimes for example
the message, that the event "BeforePrint" can't compile.

Is there a way (option) that the script use the pipeline name (instead
username) again (like it was in Version RB12)?

Best wishes


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    Hi Bernhard,

    When you say you are writing a script, are you using RAP? I did a quick
    test with RB 12 and RAP expects the pipeline username rather than the
    name to access it's field values. This is the same way RB 14 works. I
    do not believe this was every changed.

    The pipeline Name can still be used in Delphi code however.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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