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PDF Images wrong size if Windows increased fontsize is used.

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It seems that if a PDF is created from RB while the Windows Fontsize is
increased to 125%, images are messed up.
In the preview there is no problem, however the genereted PDF shows a
bigger image (within the bounderies set)

How can I solve this?


(using RB12.02)


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    Hi Jeroen,

    As a quick test I set my machine's font size to 125% and tried to export
    a JPG image to PDF using RB 14.05. This functioned correctly.

    My first suggestion would be to upgrade your version of RB to 12.05 and
    retest. For upgrade instructions, contact
    with your serial number.

    If this does not fix the issue, please send me a simple minimal example
    I can run here that demonstrates the problem and I will test here with
    the latest version. Send the example to
    in .zip format.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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