Displaying parameters in a report

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I am presenting the user with a form containing parameter information,
in this case From and To dates. I then build a query which I pipelne
into the report. All fine.

However, I want to pass in those parameters so that I can display them
in the header (e.g. From: 12-Jan-2011 To: 14-Jan-2011), but can't work
it out. I have tried creating variables, and attempting to populate
them in OnBeforePrint (e.g. ppReport1.Variable1 := '12-Jan-2011') but
the variables aren't published/public.

I am sure it is really easy, but I can't figure it out. Can anyone help

Many thanks

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    to access then Parameter you can assign a variable of type String. In the
    code you can write

    value := Report.Parameters['MyParamName']


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