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In the ppDesigner I have unchecked the barcode components in
showComponents properties.
This now leaves gapps in the toolbar. I also made the stand toolbar visible.

What is the best way to get the toolbars ordered neatly IE all toolbars
items to the left.

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    Please post using your full name. :)

    1. Run your app and display the designer.

    2. Use the mouse to position the toolbars.

    3. Close the designer and the app. The preferences are saved to

    4. Re-run your app and the toolbars will be displayed according to the
    preferences stored in RBuidler.ini.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    I can not start the designer with the tool bars all over the place as it
    is not a professional look.
    I will have to write a routine to do it.


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