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Possible to always print a second page with static data?

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In Report Builder 12, is it possible to generate reports that always
print a second page that just contains some static text, for example
terms and conditions and the like?

We have a client who wants every report to contain a second page that
just contains a memo field into which they can enter some terms and
conditions, so that they can get that to print on the back of every
report (which will itself be only a single page).

I've tried setting this up in a variety of ways, mostly using page
breaks, but I can't get it to work consistently. Do you have any


Steve Branley


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    For a one page report you try using a Summary band with Summary.NewPage to

    Another option is to create a main report and remove the header/footer. Add
    two subreports and set each to PrintBehavior of pbSection. Use the first
    subreport to layout the report and the second for the back page.

    Connect the main report DataPipeline and leave the each
    subreport.DataPipeline unassigned. Main report will traverse the
    datapipeline and generate two pages for each record.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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