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ReportExplorer.LoadReport Question

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Hi Guys,

I am about to unleash an End Uer report App onto my unsuspecting

One issue that concerns me is the parameters for LoadReport.

Currently the second paramater is a FolderID:Integer indication the #
of the folder in RE. In my case this is 2 as the Folder name starts
with a 'D' and there is an 'Ad-Hoc Reports' folder in 1. This is fine
as long as nobody plays with the Folders and adds a 'B' or 'C'. We all
know End Users love to break things...I mean play.

Is there any way to 'write protect' the folders so no new ones acn be
added? And/or, read the folder names so if the 'D' folder is 'moved'
from 2 its new # can be read and applied to LoadReport?

Regards & TIA,



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    Yaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! Doh!

    No sooner had I posted than I perchanced across 'FolderOptions'

    All sorted now.

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