Switching database does not update tables available in the Query Wizard

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Hi again :)

I've another silly problem that hopefully should be easy to remedy.

I'm switching DBase databases before I execute the report designer via

ADOConnection.ConnectionString := MyConnectionStr;
with ppReportExplorer1.Designer.DataSettings do
SessionType := 'ADOSession';
DatabaseName := 'ADOConnection';
DatabaseType := dtOther;
SQLType := sqSQL1;

I can create a new report and in the data tab / query wizard I can see my
tables...so far so good :)

I then cancel the report and then switch to another dbase database using a
different connection string and then create another report. Going to the
Query Wizard again, I see the tables from the previous connection still?

How to I reset the Report designer so that if refreshes the tablelist with
the tables from the new connection?

I've tried closing the data dicationary compoent but that doesn't seem to
make much of a difference.
I've managed to replicate the same problem by modifying the EndUser demo to
work the same way so I'm pretty sure it's something I'm doing wrong!

Thanks again for your assistance,

Chris Hedges


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