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Opening datasets on loading reports

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When a report is loaded either from the Report Explorer or from a file RB
opens the dataset, this is only to display the designer and not actually run
the report, even if the report is only previewed from the explorer the
dataset is opened once when the report is loaded and then reopened (and thus
re-executed) for the preview. This effectively means the query is executed
twice for every report. If this query returns a large result set this gives
a very slow performance. Can be minutes to just load a report. I am using
ASTA 2.6 and RB 6.03. Can something be done about this? Is it necessary for
RB to execute the query on loading a report? I have no objections to users
waiting several minutes for their report to print but just to load a report
is unacceptable to most people. ASTA does have the facility to restrict the
number of rows returned to its client dataset, is there a way I could modify
the Asta Dade such that it creates the dataset for loading the report with a
restricted result set and then removes this when the dataset is recreated
for the report execution, in other words is there a way to tell the
difference between these to events from inside the Dade?


Simon Callcott
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