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reportbuilder and ibx

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Hi, the
I think
does ppDesigner.DataSettings.DatabaseName
capable of seeing tibdatabase.

It just listts the bde aliasses and odbc connections.

are there any way to ;

get data for report via TIBDatabase/Tibtable/TibQuery...
use the end-user app with interbase via tib components.

thanks in advance...


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    1. Make sure you have IBX 6.03 installed.

    2. Make sure you regenerate the IBX support package in RBuilder\Source.
    (Recompile and re-install)

    3. Make sure you select IBXSession in the Designer.DataSettings.SessionType

    Use the example in RBuilder\Demos\End User Databases\Interbase\IBX for


    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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