What steps needed to rebuild RB for Delphi 5

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I just download the new RB 6 for Delphi 5 and changed the procdure
to a max of 18, for Informix, in daDBBDE.pas and re-compiled dclRBE55.dpk,
but can not get
Delphi to work correctly.
What other steps do I need to make this change effective.

I did this before, but always forget the steps and can't find the notes. I
promise I will post them on
the wall this time.



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    You'll need to recompile all of the packages; the ones with the 'dcl' prefix
    (design-time) and the ones with the 'rb' prefix (run-time.) But it's a big
    task to get
    it right and to get all of the files copied back to the correct locations.

    If possible I would recommend copying daDBBDE.pas to your RBuilder\Lib
    directory and just using the fix in a run-time app.

    Finally, if you would send the patched unit to
    support@digital-metaphors.com, we'd be glad to get it into the next
    maintenance release.


    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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