Report explorer bug in 6.03

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To reproduce :

Select a report from a folder.
Drag this report into the SAME folder.(in the treeview)
A dialog asks you to confirm to replace the report.
Confirm with yes.
Select an other folder.
Go back to the previous folder.
Ooops..... report is gone.(also on the DB)

ps.. This is the original explorer from the 6.03 version using IB as

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    I'm emailing you a patched 6.03 ppRptExp.pas file which you can use to fix
    this problem.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks !!!!!

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    Hi Jim,

    After using this patch a problem with the non-modal rep.expl. form occured.
    See thread "AV when rep.explorer is not modal".
    The "old" source does not have this behaviour.

    Best regards,
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