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I am using two components: Variable and Label next to each other.
The Variable will display a number which is in a required currency display
The label is just text. The two components should display as a sentence in a
The problem I am having is that the Label component will not shift to the
right when
the Variable component's size changes.

Example below shows how the text can get overwritten because of the Variable

Variable Label
$3,000.00 . In the event that you fail to pay the balance
$2,000,000.0n the event that you fail to pay the balance

Any suggestions for this. Is there a way to make a component shift to the

Thanks in advance


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    I think no! But this is solved with calc field anytime I have to shift
    right! Other way is before event to assign values!
    In my case such a thing always work!

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    Yes, I tried with the calc field (Variable component) to do this, i.e. in
    the Before Print event of the calc tab such as

    example: Variable1.AsString := Datapipeline[Numberfield] + ' . In the
    event that you fail to pay the balance';

    This does solve the shifting. However, now I have my datafield value and
    text in the same component. This means that I cannot put a currency display
    format for the datafield value alone as the calc component must now be a
    string. My Datapipeline[Numberfield] is of type double but I want to set the
    display format to:

    Any suggestions for this. Thanks.

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    RBAddOn components has native support for display formats embedded in text
    with their Merge Fields technique. Surf\RBAddOn.htm for a


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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