Using query designer with datatemplates ?

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Hi there,

Working with the Custom Data Views proj. from the demos i noticed that you
cant work with the query designer.
I modified the Editoptions,EnabledOptions in the constructor of the
This will show the buttons to change tables,fields,search etc..
Pressing the buttons will not start the query designer.

I would like to use the querydesigner to set the search and sort options.
Is this possible with a dataview template ?



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    See the example in RBuilder\Demos\End User\2. Custom Dataviews. The unit
    'myQueryDatavw.pas' contains a dataview template which uses the Query
    Designer for editing.

    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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    Hi Tom,

    This is the demo i'm working on.(See prev. mail)
    But it does not allow editing with the querydesigner if a template is used.

    I modified the Editoptions/EnabledOptions in the constructor of the
    customdataviews in this demo to enable the buttons that invoke the query
    But this does not work.
    After pressing a button(fields, etc..) the query designer will not show.

    I only want to modify the search and sort options with the querydesigner of
    data that is based on a template.

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    Hi Tom,

    Oops..., missed that one.
    Thought that all templates reside in myDatavw.pas

    Thanks, this is what i needed !!!!!!!!

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