"Delphi 6 Update Pack 2 not detected" while installing Report Builder 11.07 for Delphi 6

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I am trying to solve my problem with removed diacritics in ReportBuilder
labels. I am using Delphi 6 and ReportBuilder 7.02 (1996-2003). The
problem is that all the Baltic diacritics are removed from report
template labels when the program (that is made for Baltic locale) is run
on Russian locale. The Baltic diacritic is kept in the data that sits on
ReportBuilder DB components, that is fine.

Obviously 7.02 is very old version. Now I am trying to install
ReportBuilder 11.07 on Delphi 6 but I am receiving error message upon
the start of installation:

"Delphi 6 Update Pack 2 not detected. Please install Delphi 6 Update
Pack 2 prior to installing ReportBuilder Enterprise 11.07 for Delphi 6."

But my Delphi About box indicates that I have update pack 2 installed
and there is relevant Windows registry entry as well:
Update #2

So - maybe some can tell that test is used by ReportBuilder 11.07 (for
Delphi 6) installation for the testing that Delphi 6 has Update pack 2
installed. Maybe I can fulfill requirements of this test (e.g. by
creating fake Windows registry entries) with the aim to proceed with

My Delphi 6 is installed in non-standard place (not in Program Files),
maybe that is why the update pack 2 is not detected.

Thanks for any suggestion!
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