Very large (multipage) RichText and DB components on it

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I am trying to create very long contract (as report) in the
ReportBuilder. There are large parts of static text in which only some
fields are changing. I am trying to create such report using one large
RichText and then placing DB components of variables onto the RichText
in the appropriate places. I am placing RichText in the band which has
PringHeight=phDynamic and I assign RichText.Stretch=True. Such settings
allow smooth flow of pages (there are no new-page breaks) and keeps
entire RichText together across pages and togehter (wihout page breaks)
with the components that precede or follow it.

But there is one problem: starting from the second page of RichText,
synchronization between RichText and DB components break down, i.e.,
RichText continues to flow but DB component, which was in the the right
place onto RichText during the design time, this DB component now
appears in completely different place in the run (printing) time
(usually in the lower part of the next page).

So - what is the best practice, how to use multi-page (very long)
RichText together with DB components and variables sitting on RichText
in the appropriate places? Is it possible to create reports with
multi-page RichText components?



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    p.s. I am using ReportBuilder version 12 and I am not allowed to use
    more recent version.s
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    Jonatan, normally you turn on merge (click the merge text box in the
    RichText component) and insert DB fields as merge fields within the
    RichText box.

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