lPaperDimensions.X excceds range of FPDevMode^.dmPaperWidth (ppPrintr.pas)

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some of our customers get a ERangeExcpetion on trying to print a report
from a archive. Previewing before generating archive and after loading
works fine, but direct printing fails.
After debuging i detected that the critical line is
ppPrintr.pas (6625): FPDevMode^.dmPaperWidth := lPaperDimensions.X;
dmpaperWidth is a smallint, lPaperDimensions.X is sometime 53340 which
is larger than a smallint

Normally lPaperDimension.x is 2100 = 10 *210mm, which is the width of
germand DIN A4 in Portrait mode.

The resulting value 53340= 10 * 210mm * 10 * 2,54 , where 2,54 is 1
in cm.

Any idea how and why this conversion is happening?

Obviously it is depending on printers settings.
One customer get this error on selecting a OKI printer but not using a
Brother printer on the same station.
Other customers can print archive an station A but not on station B
using the same printer.

Reinstalling any printer drivers did not solve the problem!


Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!


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    Hi Carsten,

    This is not a known issue.

    The Win API defines the DevMode.PaperWidth as Short (Smallint). The units
    are MM tenths. The A4 value should be 2100 = 210 * 10. I have no clue why
    the value would be otherwise.

    If you would like to provide an example project I can build and run in the
    debugger, I can research it. I can download and install a specific printer
    driver if needed. Please use standard Delphi components and RB. Send in zip
    format - include only .dpr, .pas, .dfm. Send to support@

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Upto now i can Not reproduce the Error on my machine. There are
    some archives which cause the Error on customers system on
    printing but Not on my pc

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