Viewing PDF reports with checkboxes using Chrome

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I am running RB 18.01 build 121 with Tokyo 10.2.

When I generate a report as a PDF file and view it in Chrome unchecked
checkboxes show as the character ¨ and checked checkboxes show as the
character þ. Firefox seems to be the same but they display different.
In Firefox the uncheceked boxes display as a 3 leaf clover but when I
cut and paste out of the PDF it ends up being ¨

Microsoft Edge seems to display the PDF just fine. Does anyone have any
ideas as to what would cause this?


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    On 8/21/2017 6:45 PM, Phillip Finckler wrote:

    I think I found the answer. If I set FontEncoding = feUnicode for each
    report it seems to resolve the issue.
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