Report.DeviceType in Subreports

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We use RBuilder 18.01.

we have Report1 (Headerdefinition) which is loaded in other reports as
a subreport.

My question is:
How can I determin the devicetype of the parentreport in the subreports
(with loaded "Report1")?

Also I found out that on printing a report into a file (e.g. PDF)
"Report.DeviceType" seems not be changed to "PDF".
Within RAP i get "Printer" as devicetype.

Thank you, for your support,


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    Hi Josef,

    1. When accessing the main report from a subreport, you will want to use
    the Report.ParentReport property. Once you load your header report into
    a subreport it becomes a TppChildReport.

    2. The Report.DeviceType property will remain consistent with its
    initial value regardless what is selected in the Print dialog. If you
    would like to know what a user selected in the Print dialog, you can
    access the TppReport.PrintDialog.DeviceType property.

    Below is some sample RAP code I tested to show the device selected by
    the user in the print dialog from within the subreport.

    procedure Subreport1OnPrint;
    if Report.ParentReport.FileDevice <> nil then

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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