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[RB18] Can i to have a preview of Template ?

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i have 10 differents template report, i have a form with vcl listbox
with "Report 1" , "Report 2"... for to select my prefered template report.

When i select a templante i would to see a readonly preview (ppViewer?)

i need preview panel in my form, not external standard preview form, no

i can 't send to real print, i don't have tables opened, i want see a
preview of template

is it possibile ?

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    Are you saying that you want to give your users a "sample view" of what
    each report might look like? If so, then you would want to be loading
    report "archives" that you would have "pre-made" by running the reports
    yourself with real data and saving them to archive files/blobs. Look up
    report archives in the help.

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    Hi Mauro,

    1. UI

    You can create a form with a listbox or compbo box for the report templates
    and a TppViewer the report sample.

    2.Report Sample

    a. I like Paul Toms idea for using .raf files to display the report sample.

    b. If instead you want to generate a blank report, set each
    report/childreport AutoStop True and NoDataBehaviors [ndBlankReport]



    myReport.AutoStop := True;
    myReport.NoDataBehaviors := [ndBlankReport];

    mySubreport.Report.AutoStop := True;
    mySubreport.Report.NoDataBehaviors := [ndBlankReport];

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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