load from database in combination with itemtemplatepipeline

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i started using the itemtemplatepipeline property in the explorer

From the explorer it seems to work fine. (The example in demos was very

Sometimes we print reports automatic and use the loadfromdatabase function.

But there i get an error is the pipeline is wrong and we get an error
because the template field is missing.

Loadatabase uses : TppTemplate.CheckDatabaseSettings

The other uses: TppCustomTemplate.CheckDatabaseSettings

Can you help me to et this right?

Regards Ruud


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    btw i am using reportbuild version 14.06

    Op 17-5-2017 om 17:01 schreef Ruud Bernards:
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    Hi Ruud,

    We have tried emailing you with a response with multiple servers however
    the messages are not sending due to an "Unknown User" error. Please
    send a short email to support@digital-metaphors.com and we will continue
    this conversation.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    I changed my email address in the group settings.
    Does this work better?
    I forgot my email address changed last year due to an company take-over.
    Sorry for the inconvenience..

    Kind Regards


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    My Bad, i Called loadfromdatabase without using the explorer component.
    itemtemplatepipeline is a property of the explorer.

    I made a workaround by adding the template field dynamicaly at runtime.

    Kin regards

    Op 17-5-2017 om 17:10 schreef Ruud Bernards:
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