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Counting in Detail Band

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Hi again
Puzzled over counting in the Detail band events. Keeping it simple
with OnePass report and putting counts in the Summary band.
If I do a simple count of DBCalcVariable, the count is correct. BUT
if, for example, I declare a global variable in Calc tab, and set it to
0 in ReportBeforeStartFirstPass, I have tried counting by adding one in:
DetailBeforePrint (counts one extra)
DetailAfterGenerate (counts one too few)
DetailBeforeGenerate (counts one too few)

The obvious solution would be to use the correct value in the
DBCalcVariable, BUT in the Detail event, I am also calculating some
subtotals dependent on the data in the detail and reported to the
Summary. Hard to have confidence in that process or know how to approach
it, if I can't even count one for each record??



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