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Save and Load Reports with Inheritance

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I have BaseReport form, with basic report title and bands set up, Print
and Preview buttons. Then all my actual reports are on inherited forms
from that base form. They all use ppReport1.

This all works fine, but then I thought some reports take a lot of
design work and are so similar to others, I tried to Save a report as an
Rtm file, worked fine. But for a new form, it will not load the Rtm file
into Report1 because of the inherited Report1. I CAN put a brand new
Report2 on my new report form, and load the save rtm into that. However,
i still hsave a nbit of a mess due to using inheritance in the original rtm.

Question - is the best idea to decide which is more important?
Inheriting from a base form, OR forget that altogether, so no
inheritance and free to copy reports to various forms and modify them?

Scott S.


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