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Page overflow problem

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I have a report that renders correctly to the preview window but when sent
to printer one more detail line appears on the first page and the last
detail line of the first page is repeated at the top of the next page.

Report renders to PDF same as preview and is ok

Delphi 7 with RB 15.05

Report Structure

Main report blank apart from subreport (pbSection) in detail with reset page

Subreport has

GroupHeader idParent
GroupHeader idParent
GroupFooter (not Visible)
GroupFooter (not Visible)
Footer (PrintOnFirst,PrintOnLast)

Any Ideas how to fix?


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    Hi Steve,

    This is not a known issue with RB 15.05. Does this occur for every
    printer or just certain printers?

    If possible, please create a simple example that demonstrates this
    problem and send it to me in .zip format so I can test it here with the
    latest version of ReportBuilder.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    I have sent an email. probklem is with a dynamic height group header.



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