Main report connected to datapipeline

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We have several reports where the mainreport is bound to a
any underlying subreports are bound to other or the same datapipelin

In 5.56 mainreport was online printed once, as if datapipeline was
ignored, subreports where printed multiple times according to it
In 17.02 mainreport is printed as often as data is available,
subreports workk as before.

From my point of view the behaviour in 17.02 is correct, but
unfortunately it differs from 5.56.

Was there a bug in 5.56 or is there a hidden property to switch back?

Tia Carsten


Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!


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    Hi Carsten,

    I am unclear what you mean by "printed once" and "printed as often as
    data is available". Are you referring to the detail band printing as it
    traverses data?

    If this is the case, you can simply disconnect the main report from the
    datapipeline and it will no longer traverse the dataset.

    We do not keep records as far back as RB 5 but this was either a bug fix
    or a design change.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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