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TeeChart and multiple series

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I am looking to create a report, grouped into Months, with a single
TeeChart per month, with multiple series on each chart (one series for
each selected user), containing a single value per-user per-day.

The number of series will not be static - prior to running the report,
the user may select one to hundreds of series to be included. (Yes, I
know the chart will look busy, but that's the user's issue, not mine!).

The current report infrastructure utilises two pipelines
(DBPipelineMaster and DBPipelineDetail), fed from stored procedures.

Using a CrossTab report, I have a tabular output of what I require - I
am using DBPipelineMaster to retrieve a list of Year/Month combinations,
and on the main report am using Groups for Year and Month.
DBPipelineDetail is joined on the Year-Month combo, and returns per-
user/per-day value.

I am struggling, however, to figure out how this can be added to a
TeeChart to create a line graph, with a separate line for each
individual user.

Is this possible with ReportBuilder? Is this possible with my two

Can I access the TeeChart programmatically from RAP within
ReportBuilder, and manually add the series and values as I traverse the

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Garry,

    The TppTeeChart component in ReportBuilder is simply a wrapper around an
    actual TChart in Delphi.

    Basically, if you are able to create and manipulate this chart in Delphi
    (without ReportBuilder) you should also be able to do it in RB.

    This would be my first step. Create the desired chart in Delphi using
    only TChart components and your data. Once you get this working, try
    moving your code to function with ReportBuilder (no RAP). The final
    step would be to move your code to RAP.

    Note that many of our customers simply create all their charts in Delphi
    then export their images to RB for reporting. Below is an example of
    how this can be done.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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