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I'm struggling with the best way of being able to view a report in a
firemonkey mobile app.

I have to be able to generate the report and save it to a PDF. I know
that I can't currently do this, so what is the best interim approach
for now?

I'm toying with passing the report parameters to a VCL service running
on a Windows server, generate the PDF there and download it.

Has anyone tried anything similar?




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    Hi Ken,

    ReportBuilder 17 (Enterprise and Server) includes our FMX REST client
    components which allow you to perform the exact task you mention.

    There are numerous demos included that show how to create a REST server
    and mobile client (tablet or phone) that displays reports. The demos
    are located in the \Demos\8. Rest\... directory.

    You start by opening and running one of the REST server demos (Delphi
    VCL), then by opening and running one of the FMX client demos to
    generate and view reports from FireMonkey which supports multiple platforms.

    Starting with RB 17, we also added parameter support which allows you to
    give the client autosearch capabilities from the mobile app.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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