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Problem with lines and rectangles alignment within different areas

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Hi Support,

we're having problems with aligning lines and rectangles, i.e. i put a
rectangle in header area where Titles are located. Now i add in detail
band a line on right side and a line on left side. In the summary band
i add also a line so the printout looks like a box.

the problem now is, that you can't align the lines 100% to the box /
shape in header.

The best solution would be if we have a component - Shape where we can
define i.e. with four boolean properties:

* topline = true|false
* rightline = true|false
* leftline = true|false
* bottomline = true|false

so we can use the same component for header, detail and summary and we
would not have any alignment problems.

1. question: can you please, please add a new component with next update
2. question: is there anyone which has a new shape component with this
functionality for me?


Brgds. Yusuf


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    Hi Yusuf,

    This is on our list for possible enhancements for a later release.
    Thanks for your feedback.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    On 30/03/2016 23:17, Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    Following on from this, possibly the "only" clunky (for me) thing in RB
    compared to Crystal Reports is the handling of lines and boxes. If
    you've used CR it's so much more intuitive, and requires far fewer
    controls on your report. Want a line running from header to footer?
    Click the pen icon, and just draw it across all the groups and sections
    and you are done. In RB that could mean lots of left line controls all
    stacked up in all the sections and groups. You can end up with so many
    (often overlay DBText controls) that in the end its best to put them all
    in their own layer, which most users don't even know exist! :) Quite
    tedious to handle.

    I know this is unlikely to change any time soon, but it's possibly my
    only grumble about the otherwise peerless RB :)
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