Issue if RichEdit, OLE objects & pdf email . output to file

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I am using Delphi 10 Seattle, ReportBuilder 17.0
build 330. I have a report that has a
DBRichText component that is populated from an
InfoPower Richedit component. When I embed an
OLE object (eg Excel table) into it, the report
looks fine when I previeww it on the screen,
prints out ok and if I generate a pdf via Adobe
Acrobat or CutePDF it again is ok.

However, if I choose to print to a file by
ticking the "Print to File" checkbox or click on
the email button to send an email with a PDF
attachment, the resulting PDF does not render /
show the embedded object, it just leaves the
appropriate amount of blank space.

I have already installed the ReportBuilder
InforPower RichEdit support.


Steve Everington


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    Hi Steve,

    Please create a simple example using RB and InfoPower and send it in
    .zip format to and we will take a look.

    ReportBuilder converts RichText to a metafile, then uses its built-in
    metafile reader to render it to PDF. InfoPower extensively modifies the
    world transform when creating the metafile which is not fully supported
    in ReportBuilder PDF.

    One option is to set the TppRichText.ExportAsBitmap property to True for
    the RichText component that is incorrect.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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