dynamic management of visibility

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I have a subreport in which I have Title and Detail bands. On each of
these bands, I have connected a BeforePrint event handler. The Title
band will contain the header captions for what looks like a grid. The
Detail band will contain the corresponding data.

In the event handlers, I am assigning visibility, and the left position
of the TppLabels (header band) aND tPPdbTexts (Detail band.) the Master
dataset contains the Summaries to be printed. The subreport will
present the individual summaries, which will resemble separate reports.

In D2007 using RB12, we have used this approach for a considerable
time. Now I am trying to apply it to XE7 with RB15, and having
problems. In particular, it seems that all the header and detail bands
contain only the columns applied in the last call to the event handlers.

I am very confused by this. Can you point me to a wikie article that
may help? (I did look, but did not find anything which seemed to cover
this case.)


Bill Meyer


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    Hi Bill,

    This is not a known issue. Please create a simple application that
    demonstrates this behavior and send it to support@digital-metaphors.com
    in .zip format. We will test it with RB 12 and the latest version and
    see what is different.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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