Reusable subreports?

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I am using ReportBuilder 14.05 for Delphi 7.
Is there a way to have subreport templates, i.e. a way to use a seperately
designed sub report on various TReports? This would almost be the same
relationship one could have between Delphi TFrame descendants, and Delphi
Forms. That way I would have been able to visibly design parts of reports
that I can then re-use on various other TReports all over my program. Maybe
a simple component can be created that has a SourceReport: TppReports
property, and a DestinationReport: TppChildReport property, and this
component would copy any chage from the source over to the destination, both
design time and run time?

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    Hi Kedul,

    Yes, all subreports have an underlying TppChildReport object which
    descends from TppCustomReport. This object can be saved and loaded as a
    template the same way the main report can. To access the ChildReport
    you can call it directly from Delphi (ppChildReport1.Template) or use
    the Subreport.Report property.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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