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We have a simple report that lists employees and their benefits.

The main report displays the Employee ID and last name...
And in the detail band, a subreport displays all benefits...

2 pipelines, one with only employees, one with only benefits, linked to the
other on employeeid.

When sorting the pipelines on Employee ID everything works fine. (it's an
integer field).
When sorting the pipelines on last name we get for some employees the
benefits of others...

After further testing we realised it was only going wrong when the last
names had something else than a letter as second charater.

For example, when the report reaches employee 'A-Tek', it will go wrong and
the benefits of a few other employees will be displayed in his detail band.
Samething with "s'Veld" , with an apostrophee as second charater.

It's really weird because if I just put a space in front of the name it
works fine...
So when the '-' or apostrophee is placed somewhere else than by the second
character it works fine...

We patched the report setting a Calc variable = ' ' + Lastname and
everything works's even sorted correctly, I was expecting the last
names with a space in the beginning to be listed first, but no, the list is
correctly sorted with ' A-Tek' in the beginning and ' s'Veld' with the s...

How can this happen???

We are using rb 12.5, but I've seen this before in version 9, a customer had
a report where orders were made to 'T-Mobile' and it wasn't working


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    Hi Chantal,

    If you are using DADE, this is likely an issue with the collation type
    being used. By default ReportBuilder uses the ANSI collation type. I
    would suggest changing this to Binary or Variant and see if you get
    better results.

    Change the collation type in the Data Settings dialog of the data
    workspace. Note that once you change these setting, you need to open
    the query designer of each dataset and select "ok" for the setting to
    take effect.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks! It works!

    We use different versions of SQL, on SQL2000 I have no problem, but one of
    our customers was using 2008 and the same report didn't work on their

    Problem solved!

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