Data fields are not connected but static items display OK

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I have a situation where a TADOQuery supplies data to a TcxGrid, a
TX=csDBPivotGrid (both from DevExpress) and a ppReport.

When the report is showing, the grids are disconnected from the TDataSource.
However, the ppReport is always connected to the datasource via the data

If I edit the report and save the changes and then select a different SQL
query to display in one of the grids and then open the original SQL query
and view the report, all of the fields are empty. However, they are still
connected to the data pipeline and the correct fields list when I select the
pipeline in the data tree. Even if I select a different report which uses
the SQL query the data does not appear. The data is definitely there because
I displayed it in a DBGrid to make sure.

I guess this is down to the data pipeline.

If I do not edit the report then the data fields display correctly.

Static items (like labels and shapes) repeat one per row of data as expected
it is just the field values that are missing.

I have tried to PrintToDevices & even cleared the meta data cache
(gMetaDataManager.Clear) without success.

Anyone got any ideas for this one?

Thanks in advance.



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    Hey, don't worry. I am disconnecting the data pipeline when using the grids
    and now it works as expected.


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