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Figures halve in printout

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I have a question concerning a problem in handing over values from a master
report to a sub report. I am calculating a total in the main report and hand
over this value to a sub report. I defined a global variable (GesBetragEin)
and fill it as DetailBeforePrint in the master report:


I further defined a variable in the title of the sub report and put in the
following calculation:

Value := GesBetragEin/100;

The aim is to calculate a percentage of the figures in the sub report in
relation to the value of the global variable.

This all works quite well. The figures in the sub report represent the
equivalent of the figures in the main report in percent. The same correct
result if I print out the report on a local HP printer or as a PDF-file. But
if I use a network Printer (also a HP one) there is a surprising result.
Although the values of the main report are correct, the values of the sub
report have only half of the correct value.

Perhaps anybody has an idea how to get correct results. I already tried
several printer drivers, but maybe it is not a network problem.
ReportBuilder version 7.04

Thank you for your advice.



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    - As a quick fix, try setting Report.CachePages to true.

    - always use TppVariable components rather than global variables. See the
    Calculations thread of the Tech Tips newsgroup and the ReportBuilder
    Developers Guide tutorials on performing calculations.

    What is happening is that when you print to the printer, the pages are
    generating again and thus the events are firing again. The TppVariable
    component caches intermediate results between pages and internally
    saves/restores the results as of each page.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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